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You don't have to be"new" to Kenmure to join Kenmure Newcomers & Neighbors!! KNN members are a friendly group of individuals who enjoy meeting new people and participating in a variety of fun activities like dining, wine tasting, hiking, arts and adventure, and more!

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Membership Chair: Suzanne Hampton

Database Chair EMAIL address:

Mark Your Calendar

Summer Party      July 16th

Patio Parties

Kenmure Dr/Berwick     August 12th

Pinnacle Peak August 19th

Glassy Mt. August 25th

Wine On The

Mountain Party    September 22nd

Fall Party October 22nd

2021 KNN Board

President - Elizabeth McCormick 

Vice President - Diana Seekely

Secretary - Katie Glockler

Treasurer - Mary Bouchard

Membership - Suzanne Hampton 

Activities - Leslie Robins

Entertainment - Robin Steinberg

Communications - Maral Johnson

Database/Website - Sally Hale

KNN Board Members 2021

Elizabeth McCormick


Diana Seekely

Vice President

Katie Glockler


Mary Bouchard


Leslie Robins

Activities Chair

Suzanne Hampton

Membership Chair

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