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Assigned Hosting Activities


 (each group member hosts one time per rotation)

Dining at the Grill This group gets together at the Kenmure Country Club (KCC) Grill Room one evening each month.

  • Members take turns serving as hosts each month during the 4-month rotation.  

  • The host chooses the date, makes reservations and serves appetizers and beverages in their home before having dinner at the Grill.

  • First year members of KNN who have not yet joined KCC as well as all "Grandfathered" members are eligible to participate. These members will be required to pay KCC for their dinner with a credit card on the night of the scheduled dinner.

Dining In Groups get together once a month in one another's homes  (Offered in June - September Rotation only)

  • Participants need not be gourmet, or even great cooks, and should not think of it as a dinner party but rather just a casual way to get together with new friends and neighbors. 

  • The host coordinates the date with the group; each couple/single takes a turn as the host once in each 4-month rotation.

  • The host provides beverages, along with the main course.

  • The host assigns each other couple/single one course to bring - appetizer, salad, vegetable, dessert. 

  • It is a good idea to check with everyone to see if they have any food allergies or dislikes.

  • Since the Dining In group meets only in the summer, this is a great way to get to know your part time Florida neighbors. Come join in on the fun.  

Dining Out Groups get together once a month to dine out in an area restaurant.  

  • Each couple/single takes a turn as the host once in each 4-month rotation.

  • The host chooses the restaurant and coordinates the date with the group. He/she makes dinner reservations, if necessary.

  • The host also provides appetizers and beverages before dinner.

Happy Hour Wine Tasting An opportunity to get to know each other while experiencing the pleasures of wine tasting. Certainly, learning about wines is one of the goals, but that is secondary to the primary experience of fun and fellowship.

  • Each couple/single takes a turn as the host once in each 4-month rotation.
  • You'll find the essence of Kenmure Newcomers & Neighbors in this meet and greet activity for anyone interested in a casual get-together.
  • This activity is all about being with neighbors in an informal, easy and fun atmosphere. You don't have to be a wine connoisseur or a gourmet cook to enjoy Happy Hour Wine Tasting.
  • The groups will take turns meeting at each other’s homes once a month. The recommended menu is easy and simple appetizers supplied by each participant and wine supplied by the host. You can take advantage of the local wine shops to guide you in your selections. 


Couples’ Bridge (four couples per group) meets once a month in the home of the designated host couple.

  • Each couple will host the group once in each 4-month rotation.
  • Partner couples play four hands (scoring Chicago) and change partners according to tallies.

Ladies’ Bridge meets once a month.

  • Time & place: 10:00 a.m. the first Monday of each month in the home of the host.
  • One person is assigned to host each month in the 4-month rotation.

    Ladies' Lunch Bunch groups meet once a month for lunch. 

    • The hostess selects the restaurant, makes reservations, and either emails or calls the members in her group to notify them of the plans.
    Mens Breakfast-Lunch Group 
           (formerly ROMEOs (Retired Old Men Eating Out))
    • Members meet once a month for breakfast or lunch at a restaurant selected by the host.
    • It is anticipated that all the problems of the world will be solved at least once a month as a result of these get-togethers.    

    Chickenfoot Dominoes

    • Each couple/single takes a turn as the host in each 4-month rotation.
    • Groups get together once a month in one another's homes to play this fun game.
    • The host coordinates the date and time with the group.
    • The host provides beverages and a light snack.

    Visit Wineries-Breweries   (Offered in June Rotation only)

    • Groups get together once a month to visit a local winery or brewery.
    • Each couple/single takes a turn as the host once in each 4-month rotation.
    • The host determines if group members are more interested in visiting a winery or brewery and coordinates the date and time of the visit with the group.
    • The host selects the winery/brewery and makes arrangements for the group to visit the winery/brewery.

    Limited Hosting Activities


    Arts and Adventures explores the many and varied places, events, and cultural offerings in our area (museums, art galleries, exhibits, historical sites, festivals, etc.)

    • The activity leaders with individual volunteers will plan at least three excursions each rotation. 
    • The group will be asked to submit suggestions for activities to help in the planning process. 
    • The group leaders will notify the group by email about each event.  Number of participants will be determined by group leaders, and sign-ups are on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • Excursions usually require a half day. Lunch before or after is (generally) booked by group leader (any cost for lunch is the responsibility of the participant).
    • Activity fees are notified in advance, as is a (customary) $2/passenger gas contribution (over 20 miles r/t).

    Women's Book Club meets once a month to discuss a pre-selected book.

    • Meetings are held to discuss a book on the third Wednesday of each month at 2:00 pm (except in December).
    • Meetings are held in the home of the designated host who provides beverage and light snacks.
    • Each meeting will have a discussion leader.
    • Book selections are chosen by the group in January of each year.

    Happy Needlers meets monthly in homes of members

    • Meetings are held on the first Friday of each month at 10:00 a.m. in the home of the designated host.
    • Each member brings needlework of her choice - quilting, mending, knitting, embroidery, or whatever she is working on.
    • Hostess may provide beverages.


    • The Hiking group provides a good opportunity to meet neighbors who share an interest in exploring the varied hiking sites in our area once a month.

    • The hikes are led by volunteers from the group. If volunteers switch dates, they will notify the Activity Leader and the members of the group.

    • Dates for the hikes are chosen by the group from several offered by the hiking leader and based on most of the participants availability.

    • The hiking leader for the month will notify participants of the planned hike by email one week in advance of the hike. Participants will car-pool from the lower Kenmure parking lot to the starting point of each hike. Hikes will usually last 3-4 hours and will be either Easy or Moderate in difficulty.

    Non-Hosting:  KNN Parties
    • Parties offer members an opportunity to get together as a group for fellowship and entertaining programs.
    • Dates for the parties are sent out by timely announcements and are also published in our newsletter.
    • Online reservations are available beginning about one month prior to each event.  
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